About Us

ABRAZ Halal Consult is a registered Halal Advisory Services and Consultancy establishment headquartered in Malaysia. We specialise in HALAL Advisory Consulting assisting local and overseas companies to implement HALAL system standards and obtain Halal certification from local and international authorities in a timely manner in order to enable their products to tap the local and international Muslim markets.

Halal product certification is the prerequisite for entering the global Halal market. Internationally, Halal certification is currently carried out by a large number of certification bodies throughout the world with multiple, overlapping and inconsistent requirements. The number of certifying bodies is ever growing with differing standards. ABRAZ Halal Consultants have the expertise, knowledge and experience, as well as close relationship with the relevant authorities to assist your company in setting up and implement halal system in compliance with the certifying bodies need and requirements and subsequently acquire halal certification.